Shanghai & Beijing, China – NOV 2017

Hosted by the World Youth & Children Choral Artists’ Association (WYCCAA), the 4th 2017 Choral Conducting Charity Workshop was held on 18 – 21 and 24 – 26 November 2017 in Shanghai and Beijing respectively.

WYCCAA is delighted to have 4 choral experts, including Prof. Leon Shiu-wai Tong, President of WYCCAA, Prof. Martin Berger, Vice-President from Africa, Mr. Da-peng Meng, Vice-President from Asia and Prof. Jin-ming Zhu, conducting the Workshop. It attracted 800 registrations and 10,800 views of the wechat post. Nearly 500 choral teachers, students and music lovers from 26 cities around Beijing and Shanghai took part in the Workshop. They discussed the elements of African and German music, the methodology in using voice and explored the organization & arrangements of show choir and techniques for vocal & pitch training.