2018 “Belt & Road” World Choir Festival


2018 “Belt & Road” World Choir Festival

15 – 19 July 2018 Hong Kong 

Artistic Director: Prof. Leon Shiu-wai TONG

Hong Kong Cultural Centre | Tsuen Wan Town Hall | Sha Tin Town Hall

Building upon the enormous success and reputation that the Association has established by its biennial flagship festival (WYCCF), the WYCCAA is pleased to present a new festival next year, the 2018 “Belt & Road” World Choir Festival. It is open for choirs of all ages and levels and the competition offers 8 categories for different voices and genres.

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Choir Online Registration Form


As the title suggests, the new choir festival echoes the “Belt & Road” initiative which advocates for deeper and tighter cultural exchanges and connections across the Eurasian continent. The festival is therefore envisaged to be an all-encompassing platform to explore the history and cultural heritage of such related countries through the choral arts, and to search for artistic and choral perfection from all over the world–through which we hope to share and celebrate peace, love, and cultural diversity.


There will be plenty of educational activities within the festival, including

  • A series of interactive masterclasses & concerts in which participating choirs would workshop and perform together with one of the Resident Choirs or one of the established local choirs.
  • “Belt & Road” Variety Showcase (a mixture of choirs from related countries to perform in a cultural celebration).
  • Friendly Concerts where participating choirs perform for and learn from each other.
  • Cultural Excursions
  • International Starry Concerts

(Photos took in past WYCCF)


The festival has invited two definitive and world-leading choirs, the Ponomaryov “Vesna” Children’s Choir (“Vesna”, winner of the Grand Prize of the Béla Bartók 27th International Choir Competition) and the New Zealand Secondary Students’ Choir (NZSSC, winner of the ‘Choir of the World’ title at the predecessor of WYCCF) and Famous Oxford Maqam to attend as the festival’s ‘Resident Choirs’ to give a series of spectacular performances, masterclasses & workshops throughout.

1.Ponomaryov Vesna Children’s Choir

“Vesna” is a choir distinguished by the originality of its creative approach, a refined taste, impeccable singing technique, inimitable on-stage expression and in-depth interpretation. It is known for being an artistic benchmark for the modern choir art as performed by children – a community that for five decades has been giving its listeners a gift of happiness and joy through its spring-like (“Vesna”) art.
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHSa52AgewY

2.The New Zealand Secondary Students’ Choir

“NZSSC” comprises of 60 New Zealand’s finest young choral voices. It promises to inspire their members by performing a wide variety of music including many works from New Zealand composers and strongly believes in empowering youth through the celebration of choral music.
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dq38RCsHVTc

3. Famous Oxford Maqam

SongLines Magazine – “Revolutionary” “Spiritual” “Powerfully Atmospheric”

Ever since it formed in 2008, “Oxford Maqam” ensemble has contributed to the broadening of understanding of Egyptian musical culture, both in terms of traditional artistry and historical timespan. This pioneering group comprises both an Arab takht (chamber ensemble) and a Big Band, presenting concerts, talks and workshops.


Category Regulations

  • Category A – Children’s Choir
      A1 (SA voices) A2 (SA voices)
    Time Limit 8 minutes 10 minutes
    2 competition pieces One piece from a “Belt & Road” related country or cultural region; one piece of free choice.
    Age 12 or under 16 or under
    Gender No limitations
  • Category B – Youth Choir
      B1 (SA voices) B2 (TB voices) B3 (SATB mixed voices)
    Time Limit 10 minutes
    2 competition pieces One piece from a “Belt & Road” related country or cultural region; one piece of free choice.
    Age 29 or under
    Gender No limitations
  • Category C – C1 Adult Choir and C2 Elderly Choir
      C1 (Adult Choir) C2 (Elderly Choir)
    Time Limit 8 minutes
    2 competition pieces One piece from a “Belt & Road” related country or cultural region; one piece of free choice.
    Age 60 or under 60 or above
    Gender No limitations
  • Category F – “Belt & Road” Folklore Show Choir
      F (“Belt & Road” Folklore Show Choir)
    Time Limit 8 minutes
    2 competition pieces 2 folk songs selected from any “Belt & Road” related countries or cultural regions. Songs to be performed using a combination of singing, drama, staging, choreography etc.
    Age, Gender & Voices No Limitations

*“Belt & Road” Countries List can be found here.

Number of Team Members

  • For Categories A, B and C the lower limit for the number of singers is 25 persons excluding the conductor, accompanists and dancers who are not singing. There is no upper limit for the number of singers for those categories.
  • For Category F, the lower limit for the number of performers is 8, including the conductor, accompanists and dancers who will perform on the stage, there is no upper limit for this category.

A detailed description of the Competition Rules & Regulations can also be found here.

(Photos took in 2017 WYCCF)

Honorable Prizes

World Youth and Children Choral Artists’ Association – ‘Belt & Road’ World Choir Trophy

HKD 40,000

Jury’s Prize

HKD 20,000

Best Performance of a Commissioned Piece based on the Festival Theme

HKD 20,000

Best Interpretation

HKD 10,000

Best Folk Song Performance

HKD 10,000

Best Performance of a Contemporary Arrangement of a Folk Song

HKD 10,000

Outstanding Conductor Award

HKD 5,000

Category Champions (A, B, C and F)

HKD 3,000

Best Choir Soloist


Best A Capella Performance


Best Instrumental Accompanist


Best Piano Accompanist


Best Stage Effects


Best Traditional Costume


Best Costume


Musica Connection Audience Award I


Musica Connection Audience Award II



Our preliminary assessment process will be completed within 1 week after your application submission.

For the successful applicant, please pay registration fee within 30 days after submitting the form.  

Please provide payment receipts for our reference.

Due to the peak holiday season in Hong Kong, any late payment might affect the accommodation reservation and competition arrangement accordingly, and hence the Registrant Fee may fluctuate.

Thank you very much for your generous understanding and cooperation.

After the selection process, please submit the following items to the World Youth and Children Choral Artists’ Association (WYCCAA) via email on or before 1 May 2018:

  • Participants are required to mail 7 copies of each performing piece by 1 May 2018 to Organizing Committee (no unauthorized or pirate copies will be accepted). One copy of each score will be kept by the Organizing Committee, other copies will be returned after each competition session.
  • Programme order should be marked clearly.
  • A brief summary in English (and) Chinese of the content of any song (< 50 words) whose lyrics are not in English or Chinese.
  • Biography of the Choir (< 150 words).
  • Biography of the Conductor (< 150 words).
  • One photo of the Choir at the print quality (jpeg at 300 dpi).
  • One photo of the Conductor at the print quality (jpeg at 300 dpi).
  • Choir Member List
  • Rooming List (if needed)
  • Arriving & Departure Information Form
  • Competition Program
  • “Friendly Concert Application Form” (if needed) (Friendly Concert is only for applicants who have submitted all materials)


Overseas Choirs Application Form (please click)

香港申請者 – 請按此  Registration for Hong Kong – please click here

中国内地申请者 – 請按此 Registration for Mainland – please click here

Registration Time: From now – 1 May 2018

For Choirs from Overseas:

Package Content (non-HK choirs)

Package O1

Package O2

Package O3

Package O4

Accommodation, 4 nights

Hotel, 3 beds for 3pax

University dorm, 2 beds for 2 pax (only for aged 12 or above)



Local Catering & Transportation




1-2 Starry Concert(s)


Choir Masterclass & Concert


Friendly Conert


Cultural Excursions


Certificates & Brochures

2 brochures

Souvenirs & Competition Videos

USD 30 / head

Other Choir Resources

Available for purchase

Registration Fee: Early bird till 25 Feb. 2018

2018 Registration Fee

Early Bird

Normal Price

Deadline of Application

Before 25 Feb

25 Feb – 1 May

Package O1

USD 690 / head

USD 730 / head

Package O2

USD 540 / head

USD 570 / head

Package O3

USD 300 / head

USD 310 / head

Package O4 (participant in competition only)

USD 1500 / team (total registration fee)

Enrol in one more choral competition category, additional charge (No choir can enrol in more than two competition categories) USD 1200


Additional package (19-20 July)

Package P1 

Accommodation, 1 night

4 or 5 stars Hotel, 3 beds for 3 pax

Theme Park Package

USD 95/ head, Disneyland or Ocean Park (Choose one)


(To be announced, max. 2 attractions per day)

Local Catering & Transportation

Fee (exclude theme park)

USD 199/head

*The upper limit for the number of accompanying staff or family members (non-performers) is the either 5 or 10% of the total number of the team, whichever is greater.


For Choirs from Hong Kong:

Application Period
From now – 1st May 2018
即日起 – 2018年5月1日
Package L1 Registration Fee
HKD 200 per head or HKD 8,000 per choir, whichever is lesser

套餐L1包含 Package L1 Content:

  1. 僅提供參加一個比賽組別(A1, A2, B1, B2, B3, C1, C2 或F組) Each team can only apply for one category
  2. 觀看所有比賽 Access to any of the competitions
  3. 每位成員一份證書 One certificate for each participant
  4. 每位成員一本合唱節刊物 One Souvenir Brochure for each participant
  5. 每個合唱團一張比賽光碟 One Competition DVD for each choir
  6. 每團 2 個名額參加合唱指揮大師班講座 Access to the Choral Conductors’ Masterclasses for 2 representatives

其他選擇性購買項目 Other items:

  1. 2018年合唱節紀念T恤(150港幣/件)2018 Festival T-shirt (HKD 150 each)
  2. 2018年比賽DVD(100港幣/張)2018 Competition Videos (HKD 100 each)


We have a limited availability for local choirs, so we encourage you to apply as soon as possible with your recent videos for Competition committee to review your application. 


Individual Delegate Registration

Registration Time : From now – 15 April 2018




Package OD1 
Overseas individual delegate (including accommodation and local transportation)

Package OD2 Overseas individual delegate (excluding accommodation and local transportation)

Package LD1 
Hong Kong individual delegate

Meals, accommodation, transportation

Hotel (5 Days / 4 Night; Arrival : 15 July 2018 Afternoon time, Departure: 19 July 2018, check out by 12pm). (Participants should arrange their own transport to and from HK).


All rooms are basically twin rooms (as per the actual availability, few triple/ quad rooms might be arranged). An extra USD470 for hostel single room will be charged.



One Octopus Card for local public transport(including HKD 200, if extra money is needed, the participant has to top up the card by him/herself)







The activities for participant

Participating in Special Workshop/ Masterclasses (Particularly designed for individual delegate and WYCCAA members)   

Free Admission to Interactive Workshops (Designed for Choristers)

Free Admission to Master Classes (Designed for Individual Delegates, Conductors or Music Teachers)

Free Admission to 3 Belt & Road Starry Concerts

Free Admission to Friendly Concerts

Free Admission to all choir competitions

Attending the Welcome Reception

Attending the Welcoming Banquet with International Renowned Choral Experts (Due to the limited seats and overwhelming response, extra F&B fee is required.)


√ (Extra F&B fee of USD 45 required)

√ (Extra F&B fee of USD 45 required)

√ (Extra F&B fee of HKD 300 required)


Souvenir and Souvenir Booklet

Certificate of Participation

If an individual delegate would like to buy any extra tickets for the Belt & Road Starry Concerts, he/she can enjoy a 30% discount. (limited availability)

* WYCCAA reserves the right to vary or terminate the offers and programs at any time.

* In case of any disputes arising out of or in connection with the accommodation/ meal/ transportation/ competition arrangements, the decision of WYCCAA should be the final.


Fees (overseas)

Individual Delegate

(Package OD1) #


15 July 2018 (Afternoon time)

19 July 2018 (around noon time)

Individual Delegate Fee +

Accommodation and Transportation Fees

Regular Fees(28 March 2018 – 15 April 2018

 USD 650 per head

Early Bird Fees(now – 28 March 2018)

 USD 580 per head

Individual Delegate

(Package OD2) #

15 July 2018 (Afternoon time)

19 July 2018 (around noon time)

Individual Delegate Fee

 USD 280 per head (excluding local meal and transportation)

Exclusive Membership Package Fees(deadline is 15th of April, 2018.)

Individual Delegate

(Package ODM1)

Arrival at HK:
15 July 2018 (Afternoon time)

Departure from HK:
19 July 2018 (around noon time)

Individual Delegate Fee +
Local Meal and Transportation Fees

If you come with 1 other WYCCAA member (one room, two beds) c  USD 600 per head

If you come with 2 other WYCCAA members (one room, three beds) c  USD 540 per head

Individual Delegate

(Package ODM2)

Arrival at HK:
15 July 2018 (Afternoon time)

Departure from HK:
19 July 2018 (around noon time)

Individual Delegate Fee

c If you register with 2 or more other WYCCAA members, USD 250 per head


Click here for membership application form

Fee (Hong Kong)

Local Individual Delegates

 HKD 1980 per head


#  Submission and payment deadline is 15th of April, 2018. (The telegraphic transfer information will be provided upon submission.) Due to the peak season of summer tourism in Hong Kong, any late payment might affect the accommodation reservation and competition arrangement accordingly. If you pay the fees after 15th of April,2018, WYCCAA reserves the right to increase the fee by 5%-15% of regular fees.


Please transfer the total payment amount to the following account: (Remitter must pay in full, including all bank charges.)

Bank Name


Bank Address



Account Namee


Bank Account

Company Address


Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited                                              


No.1, Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong



World Youth and Children Choral Artists’ Association Limited



Unit 03, 9/F, Park Commercial Centre,

180 Tung Lo Wan Road, Tin Hau, Hong Kong


World Youth and Children Choral Artists’ Association (WYCCAA)

Unit 03, 9/F, Park Commercial Centre,
180 Tung Lo Wan Road, Tin Hau,
Hong Kong
(Exit B, Tin Hau MTR Station)

Tel: (852) 2381 9262
Fax: (852) 2380 7302
Email: info@wyccaa.com

Facebook: World Youth and Children’s Choir Festival
YouTube: WYCCAA Official
Instagram: wyccaa_official

Tencent QQ Video: 世界青少年合唱艺术家协会

WeChat / Weixin: WYCCAA_Official / 世界青少年合唱艺术家WYCCAA

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