2018 ‘Belt & Road’ World Choir Festival Competition Rules & Regulations

1   General Rules

      1.1 The official languages of the Festival are English and Chinese.

      1.2 The Organizing Committee of the 2018 “Belt & Road” World Choir Festival – Hong Kong reserves the right to allocate any competition in any session on any date at any venue within the Festival period. Usually there are three sessions, i.e. morning, afternoon and evening, set for each day. Each session normally lasts for 3 to 4 hours.

      1.3 No alternative arrangements will be made for competitions which must be cancelled by the Organizing Committee or competitors who do not attend as scheduled due to any reasons.

      1.4 The Organizing Committee reserves all rights to make changes, modifications and cancellations of any arrangements for the Festival as deemed necessary or expedient.

      1.5 Any situation that is not mentioned herein, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to make the final decision.


2  Enrolment

      2.1 The governing date of age requirement shall be 31 December 2018. Examples:

Age 29 or below

Born on or after 1 January 1989

 Age 16 or below

Born on or after 1 January 2002

Age 12 or below

Born on or after 1 January 2006

      2.2 A maximum of 10% of the total number of participants (singers) are allowed to exceed the age limit of that category. Official identification documents, e.g. passport, should be presented upon request.

      2.3 Applicants are required to submit a digital performing video or DVD filmed within 2016-2018 with Application Form for audition purposes (please kindly send the link of Google Drive to submit the digital video to competition@wyccaa.com). The Organizing Committee will send the results within one week after submission.

      2.4 Choirs which have attained silver prize or above at an international or national choral competition(s) during 2016-2018, or be recommended by a recognized expert of our Association can be admitted to the competition directly. The choir has to submit the information of the prize(s), the proof of attained prize(s) in said competition(s) or such

      2.5 recommendation letter(s) for reference with Application Form.


3  Number of Team Members

      3.1 For Categories A, B and C the lower limit for the number of singers is 25 persons excluding the conductor, accompanists and dancers who are not singing., and there is no upper limit for the number of singers.

      3.2 For Category F, the lower limit for the number of performers is 8, including the conductor, accompanists and dancers who will perform on the stage, there is no upper limit for this category.

      3.3 All choir members are required to be on stage at the same time. The number of singers for each song must reach the lower limit : 90% of the total number of all singers on stage.

      3.4 The upper limit for the number of accompanying staff or family members (i.e. non-performers) is either 5 or 10% of the total number of the team, whichever number is greater (e.g., for a team with 70 members, at most 7 can be accompanying members; for a team with 30 members, at most 5 can be accompanying members).


4  Competition Rules

      4.1 All applications and competition pieces must be approved by the Organizing Committee.

      4.2 When a choir chooses to participate in two Categories, one of which must be category F.

      4.3 All choirs can be enrolled to Category F.

      4.4 Each choir member can only sing for 1 team.

      4.5 Competitors have to provide their own accompanist(s) and instrument(s) at the com A grand piano and choir step which accommodate 60 people are available at all competition venues.

      4.6 For all categories, only live accompaniment(s) is allowed. The use of playback or soundtrack is strictly prohibited.

      4.7 For all categories, no device for amplification, electronic musical instruments, synthesizers or audio-visual equipment is allowed.

      4.8 Every choir must arrive 20 minutes earlier than the indicated time of arrival at competition venues. Those who fail to do so may result in disqualification.

      4.9 The lead adjudicator of each category has all the right decide whether there will be an intermission during the competition.

      4.10 No changing rooms are provided at competition venues.

      4.11 No query about the final decision by the adjudicators will be entertained.

      4.12 Results will be announced in the “Meet the Adjudicators” session.

      4.13 If the performance exceeds the time limit, the adjudicators have all rights to terminate the performance, and results will be affected. For marks deduction system, please refer to Section 7 – Marking Criteria.


5  Pieces and Scores

      5.1 Participants must complete the digital “Competition Program Form” (fill in with competition performing order and required format) and email to before the designated date. A confirmation email will be sent upon receipt of said form.

      5.2 Participants are required to mail or submit it in person 7 copies of each performing piece by the designated date to Organizing Committee (no unauthorized or pirate copies will be accepted). One copy of each score will be kept by the Organizing Committee, other copies will be returned after each competition session.

      5.3 Participants are required to submit official / authorized copies of scores on or before the designated date for reference of adjudicators. Failure to do so will result in disqualification, and only comments will be given for performances made. Please submit an extra copy with respective indication if arrangements are made to the performing pieces.

      5.4 Participants who wish to make amendments of their own choice pieces must fill in the digital “Competition Program Form” again, and email it to Organizing Committee on or before the designated date. After which, if participants still wish to make further amendments, they are required to submit the form again, together with HKD 400 administration fee. At most two amendments will be entertained, and request should be raised on or before 1 June 2018.

      5.5 A letter of authorization from the composer / arranger / publisher is required to be submitted to competition organizer for archive purposes, during the time of competition if the score has not yet been published.

      5.6 The appropriateness of pieces will affect marking. The adjudicators or Organizing Committee reserve all rights to reject any inappropriate pieces without giving relevant reasons.

      5.7 Choirs are not allowed to repeat any pieces in competition programmes.

      5.8 If 7 scores are being purchased through internet, please provide proof (7 copies) of purchase to prove the relevant scores are original copies at the time of competition.


6  Other Competition Materials

      6.1 Participants must complete and email to the Organizing Committee the digital forms of “Choir Member List”, “Rooming List” (if needed) and “Biographies of Choir & Conductor” in required format, one photo of Choir/Performing Team and one photo of Conductor (if any) in Jpg. format with high quality by the designated date.

      6.2 Participants must complete the “Arriving & Departure Information Form” (except Package O3 & O4) and “Friendly Concert Application Form” (if needed) (Friendly Concert is only for applicants who have submitted all materials) by 1 June.

      6.3 All forms can be download after 15 Oct 2017 through official website at wyccaa.com.


7  Venue Regulations

      7.1 No equipment, props, background or electricity will be provided at all venues unless otherwise specified.

      7.2 Unauthorized audio and visual recording and photo taking are strictly prohibited at all master classes, choral workshops, competitions and concerts. Violators will be asked to leave.

      7.3 Each team is given the same amount of time as specified for the category for acoustic check. Overrunning or disturbance of other teams during such periods will lead to disqualification.

      7.4 Acoustic check timing will begin when the first performer steps on stage, finish when the last performer leave the stage.

      7.5 Any person, including competition participants, who cause disturbance to anybody, will be asked to leave the venue and disqualified if applicable.

      7.6 Participants are responsible to take care of all personal belongings. The Organizing Committee will bear no responsibility for any loss.


8  Marking Criteria

      8.1 The marking criteria for Categories A, B, C are as follows:


Singing Technique

40 Marks

Artistic Quality

40 Marks

Overall Performance

10 Marks

Difficulty of Pieces

10 Marks


100 Marks


      8.2 The marking criteria for Category F are as follows:


Singing Technique

40 Marks


30 Marks


20 Marks

Difficulty of Pieces

10 Marks


100 Marks


      8.3 The marks calculation method, of those categories with seven adjudicators, will be taking the average after excluding the highest and lowest marks. The marks will be rounded up or down to the nearest decimal place.


      8.4 The marks penalty system for exceeding the time limit is as follows:


Exceeding Time (t)

Marks Penalty

t < 15 Seconds

0 Mark (no deduction)

15 ≤ t < 30 Seconds

1 Mark

30 ≤ t < 45 Seconds

2 Marks

45 ≤ t < 60 Seconds

3 Marks

60 ≤ t < 75 Seconds

4 Marks

75 ≤ t < 90 Seconds

5 Marks

90 ≤ t < 105 Seconds

6 Marks

105 ≤ t < 120 Seconds

7 Marks

t > 120 Seconds

7 Marks with immediate termination of performance by Adjudicators’ Assistant


Competition time will be calculated when the music starts till the end of the last piece which includes the rest between pieces should the choir incurs a penalty due to singing over time, the marks will be deducted from the average marks which the participating teams receive and the details will be indicated on the score sheets.

      8.5Awards of each Competition Categories Marks Range (with 100 as total)

       Platinum                                 89.5 Marks or above

       Gold                                         79.5 Marks or above

       Silver                                       69.5 Marks or above

           (no Bronze Award)


9  Remarks

      9.1 Adjudicators will make final decisions on all artistic matters. If there is any case relating to the competition and/or administration that this regulations have not covered, the Organizing Committee has all over-ruling rights.

      9.2 If the competition venue is being closed due to extreme weather conditions or other unforeseeable factors, no make-up arrangements will be made by the Organizing Committee. The application fee will not be refunded. The latest news will be released on the official website in such cases.


10  Competition Regulations: Category Competitions

      10.1 Category A – Children’s Choir

         10.1.1 Time limit: (A1) 8 minutes (A2) 10 minutes. Marks will be deducted if exceeding the time limit. For marking criteria please refer to Section 7.

         10.1.2 For Categories A1 and A2 there shall be two competition pieces following the criteria below:

       One piece from a “Belt & Road” related country or cultural region;

       One piece of free choice.

         10.1.3 Participants in the A1 Category shall be aged 12 or under, and Participants in the A2 Category shall be aged 16 or under.

         10.1.4 No limitations on gender, but choirs shall only consist of soprano and alto voices.


      10.2 Category B – Youth Choir

         10.2.1 Time limit: 10 minutes. Marks will be deducted if exceeding the time limit. For marking criteria please refer to Section 7.

         10.2.2 There shall be two competition pieces following the criteria below

       One piece from a “Belt & Road” related country or cultural region;

       One piece of free choice.

         10.2.3 Participants shall be age 29 or under.

         10.2.4 No limitations on gender, but choirs for category B1 shall only consist of soprano and alto voices; category B2 shall only consist of tenor and bass voices; B3 shall consist of soprano, alto, tenor and bass voices.

      10.3 Category C – C1 Adult Choir and C2 Elderly Choir

         10.3.1 Time limit: 10 minutes. Marks will be deducted if exceeding the time limit. For marking criteria please refer to Section 7.

       There shall be two competition pieces following the criteria below:

       One piece from a “Belt & Road” related country or cultural region;

       One piece of free choice.

         10.3.2 C1 participants shall be age 60 or under, C2 participants shall be age 60 or above.

         10.3.3 No limitations on gender and the combination of voices.


      10.4 Category F – “Belt & Road” Folklore Show Choir

         10.4.1 Time limit: 8 minutes. Marks will be deducted if exceeding the time limit. For marking criteria please refer to Section 7.

         10.4.2 There shall be two competition pieces following the criteria below:

       Two folk songs selected from any “Belt & Road” related countries or cultural regions.

         10.4.3 Songs to be performed using multidisciplinary art-forms, that can include, but not limited to, singing, drama, choreography, stage-effects etc.

         10.4.4 No limitations on age, gender and the combination of voices.


11 Competition Finals

        11.1 The receptient of the hightest mark (with a Gold Award) in each category will enter the Finals automatically. If there is no Gold Award receipient in any given category, then no team would enter the Finals from the said category.

        11.2 All the adjudicators of the festival will gather to form the jury of the Finals and will vote, based on the performances in the Finals, to decide on a number of Grand Prizes and Cash Prizes.

        11.3 Each finalist will have to perform 1 piece in the Finals, the piece can be chosen from the repertoire which the finalist had performed in Category Competition, or any other piece of the choir’s own choice.


2018「一一路」世界合唱節 比賽規則

1  一般守則

        1.1 合唱節官方語言為英文及中文。

        1.2 《2018「一帶一路」世界合唱節—香港》籌委會(下稱本會)有權安排任何比賽於合唱節期間的任何一日、任何時段及任何場地舉行。一般而言,本會會將每日分為三節,分別為:上午、下午及晚上,每節約為三至四小時。

        1.3 凡本會必須取消之比賽,或參賽者因任何原因而未能如期出賽,本會將不會另作安排。

        1.4 本會保留在需要時調動、修改或取消任何有關合唱節安排之權利。

        1.5 任何其他未能盡錄的情況,本會有最終決定權。


2  報名

        2.1 所有年齡限制均以2018年12月31日為計算日期。例如:








        2.2 參賽隊伍最多可有10%團員(歌者)超出年齡限制。如有需要,參賽隊伍須向本會提交身份證明文件(如證件)以作核實。

        2.3 參賽者須於報名表遞交時一併提交2016-2018期間錄製的電子表演視頻進行甄選(電子遞交方式:發送下載鏈接至郵箱 competition@wyccaa.com;請使用 “谷歌雲端” 上傳,內地參賽團請使用 “百度雲盤” 上傳),本會將在提交後的一周內公佈甄選結果。

        2.4 過往兩年內曾於國際或國家級比賽獲得銀獎或以上獎項,或由本會認可專家推薦之團體可直接通過甄選。請將得獎資料及專家推薦信連同報名表一同遞交。



3  團隊人數

        3.1 組別A、B、C每隊參賽歌唱者最少為25人,不設上限。指揮、伴奏及舞蹈員等非歌唱者不計算在內。

        3.2 組別F每隊總參賽表演者最少為8人,不設上限,指揮、伴奏及舞蹈員等非歌唱者均可算在內。

        3.3 合唱團所有隊員必須同時上臺,每首歌的歌唱者人數必須超過人數下限;每首歌的歌唱者人數不得少於歌唱者總人數的90%

        3.4 每隊隨團報名的非表演者(例如:隨團家長或領隊老師)為最多5個人或不多於團隊總人數的10%(例如:總人數為70的團隊當中最多只可以有7個人為非表演者;但總人數少於50人的團隊當中最多只可以有5個人為非表演者)。



4  參賽規則

        4.1 所有申請及參賽歌曲必須得到合唱節籌委會核准。

        4.2 每隊合唱團最多可報名參加兩個組別(如果選擇參加兩個組別,其中一個必須是F組)

        4.3 任何合唱團均可參加組別F。

        4.4 每位合唱團的歌唱者只可代表一隊參賽隊伍。

        4.5 所有參賽團隊須自行安排伴奏及樂器。比賽現場設有三角鋼琴一台和最多容納60人的合唱台。


        4.7 所有組別,比賽時不可使用擴音器、電子樂器、電子合成器及影音器材。

        4.8 參賽隊伍須於大會指定時間前20分鐘到達比賽場地,否則可能會被取消資格。

        4.9 比賽首席評判有權決定是否為比賽組別設中場休息。

        4.10 比賽場地不設更衣室。

        4.11 評判的最終決定,不得異議。

        4.12 各組別比賽結果於賽後會面時由評判公佈。

        4.13 如演出超逾規定之時間,評判有權終止其演出,成績亦將受影響。扣分準則請參閱第7部份 — 評分準則。


5  選曲及樂譜

        5.1 參賽者須於報名時將中英文「比賽曲目表格」(按比賽演唱順序及指定格式)的電子版於指定日期前,填妥並透過電郵交回本會辦事處,本會職員收到後會即時發郵件確認。

        5.2 參賽者須於指定日期前提交參賽歌曲樂譜每首七份,透過郵寄或親自遞交到本會辦事處(內地參賽者只可自費使用“順豐”速遞到本會或親自遞交),並確保樂譜為正式出版刊物或獲授權的複印本,並電郵快遞單號至本會。合唱節籌委會將保留一份正本,其餘將在每組比賽完畢後發回隊伍。

        5.3 參賽者須於指定日期前向本會遞交樂譜正本供評判參閱,否則將被取消資格,一律只獲評語,沒有分數,亦不獲發獎狀。如有刪節或改編,應同時遞交已標明有關改動之總譜副本一份。

        5.4 參賽者如需更改已選樂曲,必須於指定日期前通過郵寄或電郵提出申請,並重新提交所規定的「比賽曲目表格」;及後參賽者如需再次更改已選樂曲,除提出申請及重新填表外,須繳付港幣400元的行政費用。參賽者最多只能更改兩次,並須於2018年6月1日前提出。

        5.5 涉及國際版權規定,凡使用未出版或停止出版的樂譜,參賽者必須於比賽時即場遞交作曲者/編曲者/出版人提供之授權使用書正本予比賽籌委會作存檔之用。

       5.6 選曲是否合適將影響評分。評判/本會有權拒絕不合適之選曲而不作任何解釋或通知。

       5.7 每隊隊伍不可以用同一首歌參加兩個組別的賽事。

      5.8 如參賽者於網上購買電子樂譜(每首作品需購買7份),必須保留付款確認檔(一式7份),證明列印樂譜並非非法下載或影印本,並於比賽時出示證明。


6  其他參賽材料

        6.1 參賽合唱團需於指定日期前提交中英文電子版的「合唱團成員名單」、「住宿表」(如行程包住宿)、「合唱團及指揮的簡短介紹」(按指定格式)以及 格式的合唱團及指揮高辨析率照片各一張(用於參賽審核及場刊的印製), 遲交者將影響參賽資格。

        6.2 參賽合唱團需於2018年6月1日前提交電子版「到達與離開信息表」(除套餐M4)、「觀摩音樂會報名表」(觀摩音樂會報名需提交所有上述參賽資料後方可報名,名額先報先得,未提交以上任何一項資料的報名者(除特殊原因),則報名無效,需待交齊後重新遞交報名,報名結果將於截止日期後的一周內公佈)。

        6.3 所有表格皆可於2017年10月15日後在官網wyccaa.com上填写并提交。


7  場地守則

        7.1 除特別註明外,所有場地不提供任何器材、道具、佈景或電源。

        7.2 基於香港政府場地規定,未經許可,嚴禁於大師班、合唱工作坊、專家指導、比賽及音樂會期間錄音及錄影,違者將被請離場。主辦方作為場地唯一授權攝影錄影方,將於合唱節後公開發放/發售。


        7.4 試音時間由參賽隊伍首位團員踏上舞臺一刻開始計算,到最後一個團員離開舞臺。

        7.5 任何人士(包括參賽者)如在比賽場地造成滋擾,將被請離場甚或取消參賽資格。

        7.6 出席合唱節之人士應看管其個人財物,任何損失籌委會概不負責。


8  評分準則

        8.1  A, B, C組評分準則如下:












        8.2 F組評分準則如下:













        8.3 七位評判給予分數的組別計分方法為剔除最高及最低分者,再將五位評判的分數總和除以五,得出平均數值,如有超時則再扣去相應分數,並取至小數後一位,四捨五入。

        8.4 參賽隊伍超時扣分準則如下:




t < 15 秒


15 ≤ t < 30秒


30 ≤ t < 45秒


45 ≤ t < 60秒


60 ≤ t < 75秒


75 ≤ t < 90秒


90 ≤ t < 105秒


105 ≤ t < 120秒


t > 120秒





        8.5 合唱比賽的各組別獎項 分數範圍(100分為滿分)

白金獎                          89.5分或以上

金獎                               79.5分或以上

銀獎                               69.5分或以上



9  備註

        9.1 評判會就一切藝術事宜作出最後決定。如有任何情況不能以本比賽章程任何條文解釋,或一切行政及比賽事宜,將以本會執行委員會對比賽章程之詮釋作出最終決定。

        9.2 若因惡劣天氣或其他不能避免的因素導致場地關閉,而賽事/活動必須取消,本會將不會重新作出安排,報名費亦不退還。屆時本會將於本會網站公佈最新消息。



10 合唱比賽規則:組別比賽

        10.1 A組-童聲合唱

             10.1.1 A1組比賽限時8分鐘,A2組比賽限時10分鐘,逾時扣分,詳情請參閱第7項評分準則。

             10.1.2 A1和A2組參賽歌曲須為下列作品﹕



             10.1.3 A1參賽年齡須為12歲或以下,A2參賽年齡須為16歲或以下

             10.1.4 參賽者不限男女,惟必須唱女高低音聲部。


        10.2 B組-青少年合唱

             10.2.1 比賽限時10分鐘,逾時扣分,詳情請參閱第7項評分準則。

             10.2.2 參賽歌曲須為下列作品﹕



             10.2.3 參賽年齡須為29歲或以下。

             10.2.4 參賽者不限男女,惟B1組必須唱女高低音聲部;B2組必須唱男高低音聲部;B3組必須唱男女高低混聲。

        10.3 C組-C1成人合唱組及C2樂齡合唱組

             10.3.1 比賽限時8分鐘,逾時扣分,詳情請參閱第7項評分準則。

             10.3.2 參賽歌曲須為下列作品﹕



             10.3.3 C1參賽年齡須為60歲或以下,C2參賽年齡須為60歲或以上

             10.3.4 參賽者不限男女,聲部亦不設限制。


        10.4 F 組 -「一帶一路」民謠歌舞表演合唱

             10.4.1 比賽限時8分鐘,逾時扣分,詳情請參閱第7項評分準則。


             10.4.2 以表演、戲劇、編舞、舞台效果等多元藝術形式演譯所選歌曲。

             10.4.3 參賽者不限男女或年齡,聲部亦不設限。

11  决赛

        11.1 各組別比賽中獲得金獎最高分的團隊,將進入決賽。如有組別比賽沒有任何團體獲得金獎,則該組別沒有團隊進入決賽。

        11.2 由合唱節全體評委所組成的評審將以投票形式,按實際表演情況選出各特別獎項和獎金的獲得者。

        11.3 進入決賽的隊伍將表演1首作品,可選擇組別賽的表演曲目或任何自選作品。