7th World Youth & Children’s Choir Festival – Hong Kong (13 – 18 / 07 / 2019)


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  (Mass Choir Performance, 2017 WYCCF)

The 7th World Youth & Children’s Choir Festival – Hong Kong 2019 (WYCCF) will take place on 13 – 18 July. Organised by the World Youth and Children Choral Artists’ Association and Hong Kong Treble Choirs’ Association since 2006, in association with China Music Education Magazine, and with the full support of UNESCO Hong Kong Association and Musica Connection Limited, the WYCCF stands as one of the most influential and critically acclaimed of its kind in the Asia Pacific region, we are delighted to welcome you as individual or your choir to the 7th WYCCF.

As a highly anticipated global event encompassing performances, competitions, masterclasses, workshops and cultural exchanges, this biennial Festival is dedicated to creating a stage for choirs, conductors, experts, teachers and students worldwide to enjoy a week of great music, and to learn from the distinguished Resident Artists and other fellow competing choirs.

Past Festival – Highlight Moments


There is a string of educational activities in the Festival, including

  • International Choral Competition
    • 10 Categories
    • 4 tiers of Awards (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum)
    • 10+ Grand Prizes
    • HKD 100,000+ Cash Awards
  • International Starry Concerts
    • Concerts featuring our Resident Artists and Guest Choirs
  • Friendly Concerts
    • Where participating choirs perform for and learn from each other with on-stage comments from distinguished Choral Clinicians
  • Masterclasses & Workshops
    • A series of lectures/ workshops for conductors and music teachers to learn a wide array of repertoire, advanced methods, techniques and ideas
  • Cultural Excursions
    • Exploring Hong Kong’s fantastic sites and heritage

Resident Choirs

The Festival has invited three definitive and world-leading choirs – The King’s Singers, Hamilton Children’s Choir and the Utopia & Reality Chamber Choir – to deliver a series of spectacular performances, masterclasses & workshops throughout.


The King’s Singers (UK)

Image result for the king's singers

 … effortless, stylistically varied and beautifully blended, even in the most complex polyphony. – Washington Post

Winner of multiple Grammy® and Emmy® Awards, the 6-piece ensemble is consistently welcomed on the world’s great stages today and has been throughout their history. They are ambassadors for musical excellence around the globe and are as determined as ever to inspire audiences with their virtuosity and vision for an exciting musical future.

Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=oNTnieh-F9U


Hamilton Children’s Choir (Canada)


Their performance, mission, engagement, communication, and love for/ with each other and their captive audience was sacred and raw! – Aaron Van DUCKER

Hamilton Children’s Choir (HCC) from Canada enjoys its reputation for being one of the most sought-after choirs in the world. Going far beyond technical excellence, the choir consistently dazzles audiences with its focused sound, brilliant repertoire, and captivating stage presence. Celebrating over 40 years of choral singing and under the direction of Zimfira POLOZ, the HCC embraces a more boundless approach to develop choral music education and performance programmes and has appeared in some of the most critically acclaimed choral events in the modern world.

Conductor:Zimfira Poloz


Utopia & Reality Chamber Choir (Europe)

One of the most memorable, varied and enjoyable concerts I ever remember having been to. – Gary CARPENTER

Led by two of the most pre-eminent choral conductors, the URCC is a project choir in which talented young singers from almost 20 countries join to perform contemporary choral music. The aim of the project is to perform on a very high artistic level, to encourage singers to think about the role of arts in the society today, to explore different ways of influencing audiences and to nurture young singers through establishing a strong role of the individual in the group.

Conductor:Ragnar Rasmussen & Urša Lah

Image result for Ragnar Rasmussen                       

International Choir Competition – Categories

The 10-category competition will be adjudicated by a Jury of more than 20 choral music experts from all around the world, including WYCCAA Vice Presidents Dr. Brady ALLRED, Prof. Martin BERGER, Dr. Milan KOLENA, Mr. Da-peng MENG, Prof. Ragnar RASMUSSEN, Asso. Prof. Ursa LAH, Dr. Zoltan PAD, Prof. Zimfira POLOZ and many more.

The competition comprises two rounds, Category Competitions and Competition Finals. Champion awarded with Gold Award or above of each category will enter the Competition Finals. The Grand and Cash Prizes will be awarded based on their performances at the Finals, which will be voted by the Jury of the Festival.



Children’s Choir

Youth Choir


(SA Voices)


(SA Voices)


(SA Voices)


(TB Voices)


(SATB Mixed Voices)

Time Limit (min.)





12 or under

16 or under

29 or under

No. of Competition Pieces



Repertoire Requirements

1 Piece from the Choir’s home country or cultural region

1 Piece of free choice

1 Piece outside the Choir’s home country or cultural region

1 Piece of free choice



At least ONE piece should be sung A Cappella



Contemporary Music


Show Choir

Ensemble Singing

Adult Choir






Time Limit (min.)





29 or under

At least 50% of the Choir members aged 29 or above

No. of Competition Pieces


No Limitations


Repertoire Requirements

1 Piece composed after 1950 & in contemporary style

2 Folksongs from the Choir’s home country or cultural region



No limitations on the pieces, style, type of performance, drama, staging, choreography or way of performing the choral pieces

1 Piece from the Choir’s home country or cultural region

1 Commissioned piece written specially for the participation in this Festival

1 Piece of free choice


At least ONE piece should be sung A Cappella


At least ONE piece should be sung A Cappella

  • Except for Category B, no limitations on gender for all categories.
  • For Category B1, only female singers shall be allowed. For Category B2, only male singers shall be allowed. For Category B3, it is required to have both male and female singers.
  • No limitations on combination of voices for Categories C, D, E, F and G.
  • Marks will be deducted if the performance exceeds the time limit.
  • Number of Team Members
    • For Categories A, B, C, D, E and G, the lower limit for the number of singers is 25 persons excluding the conductor, accompanists and dancers who are not singing. There is no upper limit for the number of singers for these categories.
    • For Category F, the lower and upper limit for the number of singers are 8 and 16 respectively, excluding the conductor and accompanists.

The comprehensive Competition Rules & Regulation will be announced on www.wyccaa.com soon.

Awards and Prizes

 Choirs will receive a certificate indicating the results of the Category Competitions and have a chance to meet the Jury. The Awards will be presented according to the score obtained.  

Awards Range of Scores (Out of 100)
Platinum 94.5 or above
Gold 79.5 – 94.4
Silver 64.5 – 79.4
Bronze 49.5 – 64.4


Grand Prize

Cash Prize

The Choir of the World Trophy

HKD 40,000

Jury’s Prize

HKD 20,000

Best Interpretation

HKD 10,000

Best Folk Song Performance

HKD 10,000

Outstanding Conductor Award

HKD 5,000

Category Champions (A, B, C & F)

HKD 3,000

Best A cappella Performance


Best Stage Effects


Musica Connection Audience Award I/ II




We offer multiple packages for participants with different needs. Full-board Packages include hotel accommodation, meals and local transportation during the Festival. If you wish to have more flexibility, the Festival Package suits you the most. Choirs shall arrange their own transportation to and from Hong Kong for choir members, the conductor and accompanying personnel.


Registration Fee & Registration Period

To be announced


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